Mindfulness Through Art:  YIN YANG

Mindfulness Through Art: YIN YANG

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August 20th and 27th, 7pm Pacific Time/9pm Eastern Time



Using a creative outlet like painting can help connect mind and body with a dream or desire one wants to manifest. In this next installment of Mindfulness Through Art, a guided meditation and paint session will create a sense of equanimity between the opposing forces we all posses inside.

Transformation in life requires us to learn the art of stillness just as much as we need to be ferocious. It’s easy to be thrown off in one direction or another when we feel we need to fight or run away…when the answer is somewhere in the middle. A sort of ebb and flow in how we find strength and peace with both the masculine AND feminine energies that life draws from us.

In this class, we’ll explore that balance. Through meditation, mindfulness and painting, we will tune into the gentle symphony that is balance and we’ll see just how important both sides (light and dark) are to our journey of ‘self’ exploration.