Mindfulness Through Art:  3rd Eye Consciousness
Mindfulness Through Art:  3rd Eye Consciousness

Mindfulness Through Art: 3rd Eye Consciousness

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Mindfulness Through Art: Third Eye Consciousness

What if a painting class could tune you into a higher version of yourself? One that not only showed you HOW to paint but guided you into a fuller, more authentic self expression? This is what we have created! And we're excited to share it with you. Alida and Kim combine the practices of guided meditation, paint instruction and journaling to support students in creating a more grounded, happy life.

Third Eye Consciousness is the fourth theme in our second series of a journey to self discovery and spiritual awakening.

The pineal gland has been recognized as a channel of non-verbal communication as far back as ancient Egypt as the Eye of Horus and in the Vedic scriptures as the Third Eye Chakra. It’s only until recently that science is beginning to understand it’s true importance. In this final theme of Series 2, we’ll be harnessing the potential of the pineal gland to explore non-verbal communication through art.

Join us as we tune in to the potential of non-verbal communication while creating a painting that embodies our remembrance as a spiritual being having a human experience.

Each theme focuses on one aspect of our human evolution and is held in two parts…two Thursday nights in a row, August 20th and 27th. 7pm-9:15pm Pacific Time/10pm-12:15am Eastern. In between each class will be a journaling exercise for students to anchor the mental shifts into their lives and bring the energy of the painting to life.