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Kim Tabay is an Artist from Southern California who is dedicated to fulfilling her Divine Purpose by sharing her artistic gifts in both her Original Art and the Experience of Interactive Art. It is her understanding and belief that Art is a vessel and instrument in which encompasses the ability to empower and enlighten those who seeks its spiritual truth and wisdom. Admiring her Art is a reflection and mirror of your depths and beauty, the act of creating art with her is a reminder that you to are a Divine Creator. Her purpose is to create Art and Art Spaces with soulful and spiritual intent to reflect, learn, evolve, and empower your inner Artist. If we all embrace ourselves as Divine Creators, we all have a hand in creating a beautiful existence... There's an Art to Life.

There's an Art to Life

To Be Shared with the One You Love 2

To Be Shared with the One You Love 2

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A great GIFT for someone you love and miss! You keep one and they have the other to hang in their home.

The unique painting is made to be shared with someone you are apart from.  Together the two pieces create one whole painting, but apart in separate space these painting become significant symbols of a love that inspires.  It’s a reminder that we are always connected.

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