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Alchemy Through Art LIVE & IN PERSON Workshop

Alchemy Through Art LIVE & IN PERSON Workshop

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Alchemy Through Art LIVE & IN PERSON

A spiritual journey that heals and awakens the Creator within you 

April 10, 2022

1-5 pm

Creating Art w a purpose powerfully integrates your manifestations and intentions of healing and freedom, making your significant piece of art a personal portal towards your destiny.  The Munay-ki is an ancient healing modality from Andean Shamans in which allows you to receive an energetic cleansing assisted through their lineages of light and sources of pure love.  In the Quechua language Munay means Universal Love and In Japanese Ki means energy. 

This all day work shop and retreat will be a journey from letting go and releasing old wounds and memories related to your womb and sacral chakra physically, mentally , and emotionally… breaking the bonds that energetically anchor us to people, generational traumas, and identities that keep Us stagnant from our true potential and power.  After receiving the Rite of the Womb we will complete the ceremony process by integrating our manifestations and intentions through a 2 hour paint workshop where we activate our divine feminine rites as Creators of both Life and Creativity.  If you can create on canvas, what else can you create that serves your Highest Sacred Self and destiny. 

Come and step into Spring, as I hold sacred space and conduct this energetic transmission of this Sacred medicine that has been passed down to me by my Shamanic teachers and mentors, from the Ancient Andean Lineages of Light.  I have been called to assist in breaking the bonds of pain and suffering  that keep us from our divine destinies as creators of life and heaven on earth. 

Each ticket is $65 each.  Please RVSP and reserve your seat today!  All paint materials and supplies are included.  
Workshop will take place in a Private Residence in OC, CA.  All details will be sent upon ticket purchase and reservation!
Much love and Munay
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