Private Kim Tabay Paint Experience

We offer two types of Group Experiences:

*Kim Tabay Art Social & Paint Experience

*Alchemy Through Art which is a One of a Kind Space that Integrates Healing Through Art

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These one of a kind Experiences are great for Groups, Corporate Team Building, and Celebrations.  Each experience is customized to fit your needs and can be curated specifically for your Group.


Art is a significant way to create memories and can build a genuine comradery in a group setting.  In this shared experience you will all receive step by step instruction in which each person’s unique expression comes up to the surface.  This one-of-a-kind experience showcases the value of the journey, the color we bring to the table, and the energy that fuels the motivation to create something from nothing.  A blank canvas represents endless possibilities and empowering yourself to awaken the Creative spark within ones self, making what’s possible tangible.  If you can create on canvas, what else can you create in this world that is aligned with your vision and imagination. 




Groups of 10 $65 per person

Groups of 15 + $50 per person


Your event will include a total of 5 hours from set up to clean up and well as:

Your choice of Original Paintings by Kim Tabay choose from

All painting supplies and materials

-paints, canvas, brushes, easel, aprons, etc…

2 ½ to 3 hours of Paint Instruction


  • You as the host must provide a safe, well lit, and comfortable space for your event as well as tables and chairs for your guests. Each guest will need at least 3 feet of table room for set up.  Lighting can be provided upon request.


Upon booking your event a deposit of $150 is required.  Cancellations are required no less than a week prior to the event in order for your deposit to be fully refunded.  Any last minute cancellations will require 50% of your deposit.

Thank you for your time and considering Kim Tabay Art Social as a one of a kind experience for you and your group.  Art is a multi-dynamic entity that speaks its own language in which is defined by its intention, inspiration, and how it is shared.



 “There’s an Art to Life!” – Kim Tabay